Voluntari FC, a new club on the Romanian football scene founded only 9 years ago, managed to expressly reach the Romanian Premier league. This year has been the 5th consecutive season the club has been playing. Worth mentioning is also the Romanian Cup trophy they won in 2017. Their proximity to Bucharest and the Otopeni international airport brought them a different kind of honour recently as they were selected as one of the training grounds and base camp for one of the 24 national teams who get top qualify for the next year’s UEFA Euro Cup.

As the club was founded in 2010, the management had to define very well its strategy, communication practices and outreach activities in the first place. Nine years later, the club relies a lot on its local community which counts approximately 40.000 people living in the municipality.

The club decided to provide a shuttle service to the stadium for those interested in going to games, since the stadium lies on a tiny peninsula, surrounded by water, making it difficult for the locals who live on the other side of the peninsula to access the stadium, which is 7 km away. By doing so, the club has made sure not to clog the access roads by cars and have the game goers arriving by the shuttle buses. This is only an example of how the local football club tried to reach out to the local community. This and other practices also helped the club to anchor in the local community as something that would bring that community together.

The stadium, built in 2010 and with a capacity of 4.500 seats, already represents an example of a reclaimed land, as it lies on a former landfill, now closed and turned into a sport complex. Given its status for the upcoming UEFA Euro Cup and its size, it was decided to include it in the LIFE TACKLE project and test few measures there, too.

Considering the fact that the stadium is quite young and new, the stadium management wants to develop certain key performance indicator through the LIFE TACKLE project.

The club and the stadium management also wants to use the good relationship with the local community in order to work on awareness raising activities when it comes to environmental protection and make them a part of these efforts foreseen by the project, such as replacing plastic cups and other changes. As the stadium still needs an administration wing with office space and more to be built, the stadium management will take advantage of it and do an environmental assessment of the planned building adjacent to the stadium.