SPAL (acronym for Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor) is an Italian professional football club based in Ferrara that plays in “Serie A”, the highest level of the Italian football league system.
It was founded in 1907, and since 1928 the team has played its home matches at the Paolo Mazza stadium (named after Paolo Mazza, chairman of the club in the period 1946–1977).

"SPAL has decided to be part of this important project through the adoption of actions aimed at improving the environmental impact of the matches taking place at the Paolo Mazza stadium, in order to make these events more sustainable", says the General Manager Andrea Gazzoli, "environmental sustainability in football is a very important topic for us and we want to share these values with our fans".

The actions planned by the stadiums involved in the LIFE TACKLE project will end in June 2020. A series of environmental awareness campaigns of supporters will follow. The use of choreography made of recycled instead of virgin plastic, to be shown during the matches, is one of the actions undertaken by SPAL. During the “Serie A” Spal-Bologna match that took place on January 25th this year, 6,000 light blue and white flags - the team’s colors – produced with recycled polyethylene were displayed.

"SPAL's commitment to the LIFE TACKLE project is very important for us" explained Prof. Marco Frey, the Scientific Referent for the project "their action during the SPAL-Bologna match on January 25th allowed a saving of 936 Kg of CO2, which is equivalent to the emissions produced to heat a 60 m2 apartment for 47 days ".