On Thursday 4 July B Café, the food manager at the Luigi Ferraris stadium in Genoa, donated 17 kg of surplus food through the Ricibo network thanks to the coordination of the TACKLE Partner AMIU – Multiservice Company for Urban Sanitation.

Using the "Bring the Food" web app, snacks near the expiration date were donated to volunteers from St. Eusebio Parish and the N.S. Guardia Quezzi Parish to distribute food to the homeless.

This first donation from B Café marks the beginning of a lasting cooperation between the catering of the stadium and the volunteers enrolled in the Ricibo network.

From the next football season, periodic donations will be organised to avoid throwing away the stadium's surplus food. The donations are made as part of the project co-funded by Europe, LIFE TACKLE, which guides several football facilities in Italy and Europe to develop sustainable stadium management.

In Genoa, AMIU works closely with the managers of the Ferraris Stadium to reduce their waste of resources, increase recycling and eliminate food waste. Moreover, starting from the next football season the Ferraris stadium will reduce its plastic consumption by eliminating the use of disposable plastic cups in the Tribune to make the facility increasingly a Plastic Free stadium!