The communication campaign originally designed to catch the eye of supporters in stadia was reimagined to be presented digitally by the FIGC and the Swedish and Romanian National Football Federations and includes the diffusion of photographic material aimed at documenting the direct involvement in the project, and banners with the LIFE TACKLE slogan displayed on stadia’s large screen and along the stands. Through these, the initiative has attracted the attention of the media and a large television audience, for whom the football event featuring their national team is a strong appeal and encourages sharing.
"Passion for football is infinite, nature is not. Recycle it!" is the slogan - already spread by the FIGC on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup qualifying match between Italy and Northern Ireland.
These banners were also displayed at the Vismara Sports Centre in Milan and at the Juventus Training Center in Vinovo to promote the LIFE TACKLE project on the occasion of the semi-finals of Italy’s Women’s Cup on 24 and 25 April. A statement in favour of environmental sustainability was read ahead of the kick-off of the two matches, and was also repeated during the team line-up, when the banner dedicated to the initiative was also displayed.

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