Coordinated by the Surfrider Foundation Europe, the project brought together Confédération Européenne de Volleyball, Rugby Europe, European Athletics, the Slovenian National Olympic Committee, UK Active, Green Cycling Norway among dozen more sport entities. With the LIFE TACKLE’s project partner ACR+ providing valuable technical assistance on the project, it will see an initial European-wide diagnostic and analysis of current environmental management practices in sports followed by a development of a self-assessment tool to be put on disposal for various potential beneficiaries. Furthermore, based on these initial exercises and intelligence, the project will develop a tailor-made “Green Sports Playbook” which would serve as guidance for applying circular economy solutions in sports.

The project’s kick-off meeting included valuable input provided by ACR+ based on the key results, observations and lessons learnt from the LIFE TACKLE project, namely the results of the surveys conducted with stadium/club managers and supporters, as well as the results and observations coming from a 16 months long in-situ pilot testing phase and their replicability potentials. This input resulted in great reactions and proved the importance of a project such as LIFE TACKLE and its efforts for bringing environmental management solutions to the world of sports.