As part of Action B4 “Fans and supporters’ information and awareness raising”, and in order to validate the awareness raising actions carried out as part of the project, an assessment of the level of awareness of football supporters and fans before and after the implementation of environmental awareness campaigns was carried out.

The results of the first survey of football fans (available here) allowed us to measure the baseline level of awareness and to plan and design the awareness raising campaign to be implemented.

Today, we are excited to publish the results of the second survey, which was carried out in the same stadiums, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of LIFE TACKLE’s awareness raising actions after their implementation. The results of this final survey, detailed in this report, have also been used to plan the project’s replicability activities.

This report presents original data from 728 questionnaires collected through face-to-face interviews with supporters. The survey investigated changes of football supporters’ environmental awareness, attitude and behavior, as well as their perception about the environmental management of football and their role and contribution to the improvement of the sustainability of football events, following the implementation of the awareness raising campaign.

Enjoy the reading!

The report can also be downloaded in the "information documents" section of the "Get Involved" page.