As the TACKLE is reaching its end, the project partners are organising and attending a series of replication events which have the objective of not only disseminating the project results but also enhancing their uptake beyond the project’s framework. By disseminating the results to external audiences, one of the objectives is also empowering other football associations and clubs to consider adopting certain approaches and solutions put forward by the project.

The workshop in Birmingham showed that more and more football entities are looking for ideas as their motivation is growing and solutions out there for turning the ideas into practice. The fact that TACKLE partners were invited to share their observations and suggestions proved the value of the work the project partners did in the project. The event was attended by several clubs who are affiliated with the Birmingham County FA, including some topflight English clubs such as Aston Villa, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich Albion, Birmingham City but also a number of start-ups and other entities providing clubs with event management, travel and more.

Opened by Kevin Shoemake, CEO of BCFA and Richard Lindsay, BCFA’s Business Insights Manager, the workshop looked at three topics which were discussed around roundtables, namely environmental responsibility and roles within organisations, including staff and job descriptions, followed by environmental Life Cycle Analysis and sustainability reporting and finally fan engagement.