The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and the Office of the European Parliament in Italy have joined efforts to raise public awareness about the need to take concrete steps in stopping climate change.

For some time now, the two organisations have been implementing important environmental initiatives and concrete actions with the involvement of international testimonials, researchers and activists. Today the European Parliament launched a campaign in Italy entitled 'I want a planet like this', which illustrates the 'LifeTACKLE' project. FIGC is one of the three National Football Association partners in the LifeTACKLE project. The video is a further step in the dissemination of the project, and aims to inform the public of the extensive goals of the LifeTACKLE project and the campaign #vogliounpianetacosì.

The campaign "I want a planet like this" - # vogliounpianetacosì the hashtag on social networks - describes the perception that Italians have of environmental issues, and talks about the realities and projects within the country that promote awareness of sustainability.

The European Parliament has approved a series of recommendations to achieve a zero-emission, sustainable, toxin-free and fully circular economy by 2050. This is one of the goals that Parliament has emphasised: MEPs have indeed underlined that the achievement of the objectives proposed by the Green Deal will only be possible if the EU implements a circular economy model, and that this change could create new jobs and business opportunities. Positive examples such as the one implemented by LifeTACKLE represent a good model to follow to quickly achieve full environmental sustainability of our economy and our society. In this sense, football, and the feeling of belonging it arouses in the fans, can be the spark for a new and rediscovered sensitivity towards environmental issues.

Watch the video (in Italian) below: