supporter a football supporter

Stay tuned as we will show you in the upcoming weeks how you can support your team and at the same time the environment and you will be able to enjoy better, greener sport events.

teams part of football leagues and teams

Be aware that TACKLE is working to provide you with guidelines and tools to improve your environmental footprint and better manage your matches environmentally.

waste working for waste and environmental management companies

Don’t miss upcoming research and innovative solutions designed by TACKLE. They will help you better manage waste at sport events, increasing your recycling rate and facilitating your work.

suppliers a supplier or a contractor in the framework of sport events

Check soon our website, as TACKLE can provide you guidelines for more sustainable procurements in sport events in order to make your work more efficient.

administration part of local administrations or a stadium manager

Keep on track: TACKLE will offer an example of improved, sustainable environmental management in sport events, whose guidelines can be applied to events in your area.

national working for any National and/or European authority

Read our upcoming publications: TACKLE can improve environmental management of sport events and enhance transnational, European collaboration, as well as foster confidence in the European Union.

Furthermore, if you are working for a National Football Association, a football club, a public authority at national, regional or local level and dealing with sport events, or as stadium manager, you can get involved in TACKLE also by joining our Replicability Management Board (RMB). The RMB’s function is the assessment and monitoring of the replicability potential of TACKLE activities, validating outputs and deliverables under the replicability perspective. Send an e-mail to admin@lifetackle.eu if you are interested.

More to come

Follow our activities! In the framework of TACKLE we envisage to publish more information, such as:

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