This action targets fans and supporters and aims at designing and implementing awareness raising campaigns on mobility and waste management in stadiums.

Awareness raising tools include for example:

- Informative panels and banners showing environmental awareness messages in stadiums;
- Messages printed on the backside of tickets;
- Video-interviews with football players as testimonials and Vox Pops with supporters, projected on big screens of stadiums and published online;
- Organisation of specific initiatives and distribution of gadgets to reduce waste production (e.g. distribution of refillable water bottles and installation of water dispensers in strategic points of the stadium).

The results of the initial survey on environmental awareness of supporters carried out in stadiums at the beginning of action B1 are used to measure the baseline level of awareness. At the end of the awareness campaigns, a new survey will be carried out in the same stadiums, in order to assess the effectiveness of the actions and to plan the replicability activities foreseen in action B5.

Videos with football fans as testimonials

Deliverable B4.5

Romanian football fans and sustainability

Swedish football fans and sustainability

Italian football fans and Sustainability

Videos with footballers as testimonials

Deliverable B4.6

Sustainable football with Elena Linari and Salvatore Sirigu - FIGC contribution

Florinel Coman and Dennis Man "We can help the environment" - FRF contribution

Magdalena Eriksson "everyone can take responsibility for our planet" - SvFF contribution